In sooth I know not why I am so sad



I’m Antonio, and I work as a merchant in Venice and own a fleet of ships. My best friend Bassanio asked to borrow 3000 ducats from me because he wanted to woo the wealthy heiress Portia. To give him the money I had to borrow it off a moneylender called Shylock, who I’ve been mean about in the past. He lent me the money, but part of our deal was that I gave him a pound of my flesh if I couldn’t pay him back. When I thought my ships were lost at sea, Shylock demanded I pay up. Luckily, Portia disguised herself as a lawyer and saved my life. I got to control half of Shylock’s money while he lived, which I will give to Lorenzo and Jessica when he dies.


borrows money from …

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Bassanio, Lorenzo

  1. Antonio, I am married to a wife Which is as dear to me as life itself; But life itself, my wife, and all the world Are not with me esteemed above thy life, I would lose all, ay sacrifice them all Here to this devil, to deliver you.
  2. You have too much respect upon the world: They lose it that do buy it with much care; Believe me you are marvellously changed.
  3. How like a fawning publican he looks! I hate him for he is a Christian: But more, for that in low simplicity He lends out money gratis, and brings down The rate of usance here with us in Venice.
  4. Your mind is tossing on the ocean
  5. to you Antonio I owe the most in money and in love

Antonio's' Images

Cameron Moore, who is playing Antonio.

Cameron Moore, who is playing Antonio, in rehearsals in Week 1.

Ognen [Shylock], Bethan [Jessica] and Cameron [Antonio].

Cameron as Antonio.

Cameron [Antonio] rehearsing.

Cameron [Antonio].

Cameron [Antonio] and Christopher [Guard]. © SGT/Ellie Kurttz 2014

Audio Interviews

  1. Clip 1
    Cameron talks about his character of Antonio, his motivations and the relationships important to him.

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  2. Clip 2
    Cameron talks about scenes that are still challenging, and the audiences reactions to the play.

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Also Called

  • Salarino: ‘the good Antonio, the honest Antonio’ (3.1.12-13)
  • Gratiano: ‘that royal merchant’ (3.2.238)
  • Bassanio: ‘my good friend’ (3.2.231)
  • Bassanio: ‘the kindest man’ (3.2.291)


  • Congratulations and good joy, my lord and lady! #Love
  • So many fancy men are trying to win my boss by choosing a box that contains her picture #Love
  • I have my disguise and am ready to run #Disguise #Love
  • Cant believe my own flesh and blood turned against me! #Love
  • Jessica has run away. #Disguise
  • My daughter wants to marry. Not without my permission #Love
  • Short term loans... the price is always higher than you would expect #Money
  • I will take the pound of flesh and use it for fish bait. #Court
  • I will take Antonio’s heart if he can’t pay. I loan the money so I make the rules #Money
  • If you prick us with a pin, don’t we bleed? And if you treat us badly, won’t we try to get revenge? #Court
  • People are often tricked by false appearances. I wasn’t with the chest but was by my wife lol #Disguise
  • Cant believe I didn’t recognise my own wife #Disguise
  • Really short of cash. Might need a short term loan. #Money
  • A lead chest, a Silver chest and a gold chest...hmm which one should I choose? #Love
  • Have been asked to give away the ring Portia gave me. Hard, but worth it. Hope she isn’t too angry #Court
  • Bassanio wants to borrow money from me in order to try and marry Portia #Love #Money
  • My ships are missing. I think they are sunk ....and so am I #Money
  • Am waiting to go in to court. Why did I make such a stupid agreement?! #Court
  • I hope Bassanio takes the hint and picks the right chest. #Love
  • Men all the same. They are drawn to these boxes as moths to a flame. And I bet I know why! #Money
  • Cant believe that no one has spotted me yet. Even Bassanio! #Disguise #Court

Relationship Status



Helping out friends in need, Sailing, Making investments

Dear Agony Aunt

My best friend is asking me to borrow some money. I want to help, but I will have to borrow it from a moneylender as I don’t have enough spare cash at the moment. Should I take the risk and borrow money from the moneylender?


  • No because he will probably trick you!

    - Larry

  • There could be a dodgy thing going on so just chill and get a good lawyer, if you do agree you will need one because you need all your flesh ;(