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Week 2

Week two got off to an early start with a cast dressed glamorously to have their photos taken by photographer Bronwen Sharp for the posters, website and programme! Look out for the results soon, but in the meantime check out some behind the scenes photos below.  

Also in ‘Creative Brief’ you can see the moodboards from the production as well as unused concepts for the marketing and website.

Week 2 Images

The cast preparing for the photo shoot.

Photographer Bronwen Sharp and Christopher Knott [Duke/Old Gobbo/Tubal]

The cast group shot.

Photographer Bronwen Sharp and Ognen Drangovski [Shylock]

The Globe's marketing team check out the photos so far.

Ognen [Shylock], Bethan [Jessica] and Cameron [Antonio].

The cast relaxing between shots.

The cast posing and being photographed.

Ognen [Shylock] poses for his photo.

Catherine [Portia] posing for her photo.

Bethan [Jessica] relaxing between shots.

Nick [Bassanio] and Racheal [Nerissa]

Racheal [Nerissa] having her photo taken.

The cast rehearsing Act 3, Scene 4.

Racheal [Nerissa]

Tyler [Lorenzo/Morocco] and Bethan [Jessica] rehearsing.

Catherine [Portia] and Racheal [Nerissa]

Director Bill Buckhurst and Catherine [Portia]

Bethan [Jessica] and Tyler [Lorenzo/Morocco].

Racheal [Nerissa] rehearsing with Catherine [Portia]

Director Bill Buckhurst and the cast running through Act 3 Scene 4.

Week 2 Blog

Friday 14th February

Week 2 - Less of the chocolate rolls, more of the push-ups. It’s Friday, (Happy Valentines day one and all!), and I’m on my lunch break fuelling up for another movement session with Georgina Lamb. This week Georgina has had us doing circuits with some brilliant exercises to strengthen our cores. Planks, thrust squats, the lot! Most of us were sweating, out of breath, and a little surprised at how unfit we were… most of us. Envy aside, these core-strengthening exercises are brilliant. The aim isn’t to leave with a 6 pack (although I wouldn’t mind). Instead, they allow you to really ground yourself so that every movement on stage feels like it comes from the center of you body, from your gut, or even from your instinct. Sometimes it can feel a bit awkward on stage, not knowing what to do with your arms, which way to face, or how to move without looking like you were trying to make room for another actor! By connecting all of those movements to your core, it allows you to feel confident with your choices, and fill them with intention.

The Globe theatre holds around 1500 people, and at 5’3” I’m at risk of looking like a bit of an ant on that stage. Thankfully I really think these core-strengthening exercises can fill a little body with a huge amount of presence.

It wasn’t only Georgina who had us moving this week. We had wonderful voice session with Globe guru, Martin McKellan. He did a selection of stretches with us that helped to open up our ribs, backs, stomachs, and all of those bits that we tend to hold in, or onto in modern day life. The physical difference it made to us was incredible. Having opened up the left side of his ribs, Tom (Gratiano) turned to face the group, only to be met by expressions of shock and awe. Tom’s left side was almost twice the size of his right! We all felt as if we had an endless capacity of air, and Chris (Old Gobbo/Duke) said that he felt like he “didn’t have to breathe". I’m pleased to say that he did.  

This week has felt like a kind of boot camp, preparing us for the Globe stage where we will meet and battle with the elements, airplanes, and 1500 lively bodies. I’m starting to think of the Globe as a rock arena- we need to prepare our voices and bodies so that we can just ride the madness without damaging ourselves. I can’t wait!

Also look out for our new posters. We had the photo shoot on Monday morning. It was a bit weird to see everyone looking so glamorous before I had even had my breakfast, but I think it is going to look pretty sexy. We also had our fittings this week and I will be letting you know a little more about what we are wearing next time!

From Bethan in the rehearsal room


Creative Brief

A creative brief is given to each member of the creative team working on the project. It is intended to help them structure their ideas and keep a focus on the director's intended vision for the production. Check out the moodboards from the production as well as unused concepts for the marketing and website by clicking 'Read More'.


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