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Brief: Costume

Our costume supervisor Laura has been asked to create the costumes for The Merchant of Venice. To do this she has used the costume brief given to her by the design team. Why not have a go at following our brief and designing your own costume? To help you out, here are 5 top tips for designing a costume:

1 .Be open initially to lots of different options, but remember you will need to focus in on specific ideas related to the character you are designing for. This could be to do with their age, gender, background, shape, height etc.

2. Don’t be afraid to reuse bits of old costume you’ve created in the past or have seen - but remember you’ll also need to think about how characters relate to each other and so view them not only as individuals but as a company.

3.The shape of a costume can be as important as the materials you use - something with good lines and fit can also signify an expensive outfit.

4.You need to make sure your drawing is really clear so that someone could actually make it. To help with this you should include notes describing what materials you will use and any other details.

5. Sometimes you might not be able to say everything about a character through their clothes - think about what accessories you could add to help with your character’s identity. 

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