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Brief: Set

Our set designer Simon has been asked to design a set for The Merchant of Venice. To do this he has used the set brief given to him by the production team. Why not have a go at following the brief and designing your own set? To help you out, here are Simon's 5 top tips for designing a set:

1. Work in whatever way you feel most comfortable and the techniques that work best for you – if you don’t enjoy drawing much spend more of your time creating a model.

2. When starting a new design make a note of everything in the story. Use these to think about the world you are creating and consider how the set design can give support to the telling of the story.

3. Think about the relationship between the actors on stage and the audience and importantly what their sight lines are - you don’t want to build something huge that half the audience can’t see the stage!

4. Leave things open to interpretation – once you have an idea don’t tell people exactly what you are doing but hint at certain things and let people draw their own conclusions.

5. Don’t discount things because they seem big and impossible, there will always be some big and theatrical way of achieving your design.

Now download the Set Brief and Set Template PDFs. Once you are done email your creations to us at youngcreatives@shakespearesglobe.com and we may select it to feature on the site.

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